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About Us

Born from the meeting between the Malagasy soul of Aina and the adventurous spirit of Norman, Eto Morondava is more than a company; it is the reflection of a friendship and a common passion for discovering and sharing the wonders of Morondava.


Our mission ?

Offering you unforgettable experiences, steeped in the cultural richness, breathtaking biodiversity and unparalleled hospitality of Morondava and its surroundings.

Aina, with its roots deeply anchored in the Malagasy soil, lets you discover Morondava through the eyes of a local. A nature lover and proud of his heritage, Aina shares with you the island's best-kept secrets, from baobab avenues to secret beaches, passing through traditional villages where time seems to have stood still.

Norman, meanwhile, arrived in Madagascar with a backpack and a thirst for adventure. Fascinated by the diversity and beauty of Morondava, he decided, with Aina, to create Eto Morondava to share this passion with the world. 

Together, Aina and Norman form a dynamic team, combining their local knowledge and international expertise to offer you excursions that go far beyond the classic tourist itineraries. Each trip with Eto Morondava is designed to be a personal adventure, where you are not only a spectator but also an actor in your discovery.

See you soon,

Aina & Norman

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